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Guests have free use of our ski and snowboard fleet! We strongly recommend skiers leave their own skis at home and use our skis which have been specifically selected for our snow conditions. The other advantage is you don't have to lug them around airports!

If you are joining us for the Heli-Assisted Ski Touring program, please bring your own AT set-up as we do not carry touring skis/boots/bindings.

*Important: no matter what you will be riding/skiing on, you must bring your own boots! If you don't have any boots, please rent some from your local shop! If you are renting boots, or have brand new boots, we strongly suggest you ski on them for a few days before your trip…..your feet will thank you!

Below are the skis that we carry. You do not need to make a reservation. We will fit you out on arrival day.

  • **NEW 2016 & 2017! Rossignol Super7 - Sizes: 164, 172, 180, 188 & 190. Our most popular ski, with sidecut and rocker. Ski Magazine Gold Medal winner for "Best in Powder". Review & video here.
  • Armada JJ - Sizes: 165, 175 & 185. Awesome ski with sidecut and rocker
  • Armada Junior JJ - Sizes: 155. Like the normal JJs, but for lighter/smaller skiers!
  • Armada Bubba - Sizes: 168, 178 & 188. This ski is like the JJ but even fatter! Rocker with sidecut.
  • Armada ARG - Sizes: 185. A very fat ski. It has rocker with reverse sidecut. The widest part of the ski is under foot.
  • Garry Wayne Skis - Sizes: 138. Awesome ski for kids.

Rossignol Super7, the main fleet ski at Bella Coola Heli SportsRossignol Super 7 

Snowboarders - we recommend bringing your own board if it's long enough to ride in powder. Having said that, our new Rossi Magtek boards are awesome! The shape of the board (particularly the nose) keeps the board floating and you can centre your stance, thus eliminating having to weight your backfoot and getting a sore leg. Our snowboard fleet includes;

Bella Coola Heli Sports rental snowboard fleet - Rossignol Magtek Rossignol Magtek 

Snowboard bindings - For men, we have the XV (Xavier de la Rue) and the Cuda bindings in Medium and Large. For women we have the Diva bindings in Small and Medium.

For details on our safety gear such as airbags, transceivers etc, please see the Safety Equipment page.

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