Advantages of Easy Accessibility

A 7 Night Stay = 7 Full Ski Days


Your free time is precious and you want to make the most of it. When trying to decide which heli-skiing operation to go to, accessibility probably comes into your thinking. By choosing Bella Coola Heli Sports for your Canadian heli-skiing trip, you will benefit from the following advantages, thanks to our easy access.


Easy Access = More Skiing

This could be the only reason you need; getting to Bella Coola quickly means that you will get more days on which you can ski!

  • 7 Night Package = 7 ski days
  • 5 Night Package = 5 ski days
  • 4 Night Package = 4 ski days
  • 3 Night Package = 3 ski days

Here’s a 7-night sample itinerary;

Day 1) Depart from the South Terminal (5-minute taxi ride from the Main Terminal) at Vancouver International Airport around mid-morning on the 70-minute flight to Bella Coola (or Anahim Lake for Pantheon, Terra Nostra & Mystery Mountain guests). Our staff will greet you at the airport and transfer you to your lodge where you will be welcomed and complete our safety briefing
Day 2) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 3) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 4) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 5) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 6) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 7) Heli-skiing the epic terrain of the Coast Range
Day 8) Spend the majority of the day heli-skiing your way to the airport. On arrival, your bags will be waiting for you so that you can change clothes for the flight back to Vancouver. We strongly suggest staying the night in Vancouver, or book a flight that leaves from 9pm. If you live in North America, you could heliski in the morning, then be home that night…or if you are from Europe, you can catch a flight that evening!

Getting to/from Bella Coola


Busy Schedule? Maximize your time on snow

It use to be that if you could only get 3 days off, you couldn't do a heli-skiing trip to a backcountry lodge as the time and effort to get there would leave you with only 1 day or 2 to ski. Luckily for you, we can get you skiing for a few runs on your arrival and departure dates as long as the weather cooperates.

As mentioned above, a 3 Night Package could give you 4 ski days (2 full days, 2 partial days). For Americans and Canadians, you could take Friday off, or even just do half a day in the office, fly to Vancouver that evening, do a few runs on arrival on Saturday, then full days Sunday and Monday, then fly out on Monday evening. So depending on where you live, you might only need to take 1-2 days off!

We do recommend a longer stay though. Why? MORE SKIING!

Shorter stays at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge - are available only in early season (late December to mid-February) when we have a special offer: on our Classic PLUS program we give guests a FREE extra night of accommodation and meals.

Shorter stays at Eagle Lodge - are available any time (3, 4, 5, and 7 nights).

Shorter stays at Terra Nostra Guest Ranch - are available any time (4, 5, and 7 nights) for a group of 8.

Shorter stays at Pantheon Heli Ranch and & Mystery Mountain Ranch - are not available. The exception might be 5 nights if you have a full group of 9 (or pay for all 9 spots) at Pantheon, or a group of 5 for Mystery Mountain.


No Mountain Passes

To access many Canadian heli-skiing lodges, treacherous mountain passes need to be negotiated by road. Every winter there are closures that could affect access to those lodges. Fortunately for us, all our guests fly to Bella Coola, where on Arrival, they heli-ski right from the airport to our lodges! Or if it's snowing too heavily to ski on arrival day, it is an easy drive to the lodges through a valley bottom, with no mountain passes to go over. This is surprising given how awesomely rugged our terrain is!


Down Days Have Less Impact

Yes, we get the occasional down day because it snows so much in the Coast Range! Thanks to the ease in which guests can get here, we ski on more days than elsewhere. Therefore, even if there is a down day, it still might be possible to ski as much as if you went somewhere else that didn't have a down day...and you didn't need to take a long bus transfer just to get to the lodge!

From first-timers to hardcores, we have a package for everyone!

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