Wade Bashaw

Head Guide - Eagle Lodge

Wade is a laid back ski fanatic who started his guiding career heliskiing in Whistler in 1994

He then worked as a cat skiing guide in the Monashees for about 7 years. He also guided as a sub-contractor for many other heli ski companies around Whistler and throughout BC. Mountains, snow and elated skiers are his reality: just another day at the office!       

In 2004, Wade became the recipient of the ACMG Centennial Scholarship, a prize awarded to promising young members. He became the Head Guide for our EagleLodge operation in 2009.

Wade and his family live in Australia to be closer to his wife's family. During the Aussie summer Wade escapes the heat and joins us in Bella Coola to head up our Eagle Lodge operation! Needless to say that when he arrives back in Canada he ends up wearing lots of layers!

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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