Peter 'Swede' Mattsson

Co-Owner, President and Operations Manager

Swede is a character of some renown in the skiing business, and is currently the driving force behind Bella Coola Heli Sports.

Swede started his professional career in the hospitality industry, and as your larger-than-life host, it shows. He emigrated from Sweden to Whistler, Canada in '81 and hasn't looked back. Swede is an expert skier and climber, and has participated in expeditions all over the world.

He began his profession as a Mountain Guide in the mid 1980’s. Courses and diplomas followed, including many years spent as a Heli-skiing/Climbing/Ski touring guide and owner of a guiding company. In 1995, Swede formed Mountain Sport Productions, specializing in coordination and mountain guiding for the film and television production industry. In 1996 he worked for Greenland Outdoors Inc., researching and developing adventure sport programs, including heli-skiing, for tourism in western Greenland.

This SBC Skier magazine article might lend you a bit of insight into the mind of this crazy character.

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